Number 87
Summer 2017

Refereed Articles
David Flaxbart, Editor
[Refereed] Construction and Contextualization of Authority in STEM Fields: An Exploratory Paper
Rebecca Kuglitsch, University of Colorado, Boulder & Julia R. Bordeaux, Red Rock Community College
[Refereed] Patent Information Use in Engineering Technology Design: An Analysis of Student Work
Margaret Phillips & Dave Zwicky, Purdue University
[Refereed] Comparison of Data and Informatics Responsibilities and Job Titles between Academic STEM and Medical Librarians
Robyn B. Reed, Penn State College of Medicine & Nancy J. Butkovich, The Pennsylvania State University
[Refereed] Historical Development and Key Issues of Data Management Plan Requirements for National Science Foundation Grants: A Review
Judith E. Pasek, University of Wyoming
[Refereed] Standards Collection Development and Management in an Academic Library: A Case Study at The University of Western Ontario Libraries
Linda K. Dunn & Shiyi Xie, University of Western Ontario
Science and Technology Resources on the Internet
Elizabeth Berman, Editor
[Refereed] Digitized Archival Primary Sources in STEM: A Selected Webliography
Amy Jankowski, University of New Mexico
[Refereed] Standards Resources for Engineering and Technology
Margaret Phillips & Sarah Huber, Purdue University
Short Communications
  3D Printing in Makerspaces: Health and Safety Concerns
Neelam Bharti, University of Florida

Andrea L. Duda, University of California, Santa Barbara

Editorial Board:
Elizabeth Berman, Tufts University
Edward Eckel, Western Michigan University
David Flaxbart, University of Texas at Austin
Michael Fosmire, Purdue University
Nestor Osorio, Northern Illinois University
Cristina Sewerin, University of Toronto

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