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Instructions for Authors of Book Reviews

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Here are some guidelines to follow in doing the book review; these are things to include, if appropriate.

In general these are to be descriptive and evaluative reviews, designed to make readers aware of new books in the field, for use as a selection tool.

Purpose of the book--who is the intended audience, and what is the general scope and subject area. Is it designed as a textbook (generally we're not reviewing those but may be worth mentioning)? Is it a handbook, bibliography, guide to the literature?

Organization--include information about bibliographies, indexes, appendices if available. Any special features should be mentioned.

Comparison to other publications on the same subject and within a similar time frame.

Authority--any information about the author or editor, and previous works by them if known.

Length of review--no specific limits but probably within the range of 350-500 words would be normal. Feel free to use examples from the text to support your evaluation, so this may make it a bit longer.

Review editor will consult on any changes necessary before submitting it to ISTL for final publication. Reviews should be sent (fax, e-mail, or hard copy) to:

Norma Kobzina
Bioscience and Natural Resources Library
2101 VLSB #6500
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6500
Fax: 510-642-8217

Reminder: be as open as possible about the evaluation--both positive and negative comments are appropriate.


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