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Instructions for Authors of Webliographies

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ISTL Webliographies provide a substantive listing of the online resources available for specific subject areas in science and technology. A webliography should be unique or substantially different from prior bibliographies on the topic, and it should be of interest to science and technology librarians.

Each Webliography should include the following elements:

  1. Statement of Scope -- Define the subject you are treating. Is the webliography meant to be comprehensive or selective? Are there non-subject aspects (e.g., level, language, format) that are excluded?

  2. Methods -- How did you find the resources in the webliography? What criteria for selection did you use?

  3. Organization -- Resources should be organized by sub-topic/aspect and format (e.g., journal, monograph, database, discussion list, etc.) as appropriate. Webliographies should include an index to the organizational structure used.

  4. Annotations -- Should concisely convey the scope, coverage, quality, and special features of the resource. Annotations should be on the order of 50-100 words, but the length will depend on the nature of the resource.

  5. Length -- The number of resources that adequately describe the topic will vary. The absolute number of resources profiled is not as important as whether the topic is well represenated by the webliography. On the order of 50 resources may be sufficient, but many more or many less may be appropriate, depending on the topic.

The Webliographies editor will consult on any changes necessary before submitting it to ISTL for final publication.

If you wish your webliography to be peer reviewed, please note that on your submission, and it will be processed accordingly.

Webliographies should be e-mailed to:

Elizabeth Berman
Bailey/Howe Library
University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont

Updated: April 8, 2014

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